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"Beyond this world, there is a place, a place where warriors meet in battle. Some call it Valhalla, to others it's known as the afterlife but soon you will know it as the Spectrum!"


Take control of Warriors throughout history in this action role-playing hack and slash video game.


Warriors include well-known classics such as Ninjas and Knights but will premiere less represented factions like the Illyrians and Hwarang with many more yet to be revealed!

Spec Ninja Black Ops Web.png
Spectrum Island.jpg


Unlock different warriors and skills by conquering a world divided into Faction Outposts, Towns, and fortified Capitals. Traders and Bandits are procedurally generated along paths that run throughout the Spectrum.


The Colosseum is the heart of the Spectrum and will include MOBA 5v5 and Deathmatch modes on maps representative of each Warrior's environment. The Crucible is a premiere Wave type mode emulating famous last stands from history like The Alamo and Battle of Thermopylae!

MOBA Map.jpg


Before too long, Stone Head Studios will launch a Kickstarter to help raise funding for the game's development and will give Backers a unique opportunity to shape the Spectrum universe as well as produce their very own custom in-game weapons and armor!

Revolution set.png


Swords, Spears, Guns, and Explosives! Players can unlock a plethora of Weapons and Outfits for each Warrior Faction throughout the game's Campaign and Multiplayer modes!

Spec Tall Roster Cards Lineup.png


Concluding the game's launch the team will release new Warriors and content during major updates and international holidays centered around conflict to which there is no shortage. Which Warriors will grace the Spectrum next? Follow our journey to find out!


I give legal permission to the reader to use all of the above content for commercial and press release purposes. I remove my liability and allow you to use all of the previous materials at your discretion. Please contact us with any questions or information regarding this project. Thank you!


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