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"The Death Row of Gaming."

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Stone Head Studios is a brand new studio on a Crusade to give the People the best Animation and Gaming entertainment this world has to offer!  We are currently working on several projects including Spectrum The Video Game, an Open World MOBA!

Join us on our journey to World Domination.

Creative Director
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"Beyond this world, there is a place, a place where warriors meet in battle. Some call it Valhalla, to others it's known as the afterlife but soon you will know it as the Spectrum!"


Take control of Warriors throughout history in this action role-playing hack and slash game!

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Ants: Formicidae is a Puzzle-Platformer where the player must guide a determined number of Ants to the designated exit! Use a multitude of skills and their natural wall climbing ability to bring them to safety in this danger ridden world!

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After stopping a world-ending event in 2000, an oblivious hero finds himself in the 30th century to a world, unlike anything he knows. With a team made up of a Biologically Enhanced Clone, Cybernetic Receptacle, Alien Fish, and an Interplanetary Starship, Captain Rocket Man tries to make a place in this strange universe. 

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Launch date TBA.


This NFT collection is currently under development. Follow our Discord for up-to-date information and drop dates!  Twitter: @ProjectAPEnft

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